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Potato Chips and Poker Chips

December 5, 2009

The dark nights and miserable weather are here and the Angel has started experimenting with poker to provide some light hearted entertainment and maybe a chance to win a few quid.

We’re playing Texas Hold-em no limits poker, where you get dealt 2 cards and there are 5 on the table with the best hand of 5 made up from the two sources. The same game as Zynga poker at and via Facebook. Beginners are welcome, if we’re playing for money it’s £5 or less to play and the winner takes all. Alternate Thursday evenings (next one 10th December) and alternate Sundays (when there isn’t a quiz) so next one 6th December. Sign up by 8.30 pm, game ends 11.30 pm if still in play.

The chip fryer is now up and running, adding a bowl / mug of chips to the menu of drinker’s food. No set tables and hushed conversation at the Angel, a burger and chips accompanied by a pint of ale with the music up loud is more our style. Come and try it.