What’s Coming Up?

April 1, 2009

Saturday 4 April: LIVE MUSIC:  HEDRA HELIX

Sunday 5 April: QUIZ NIGHT


Saturday 18 April: LIVE MUSIC: THE GOODGES

Sunday 19 April: QUIZ NIGHT

Thursday 23 April: ST GEORGES DAY

Saturday 25 April: KARAOKE

Sunday 3 May: QUIZ NIGHT


Saturday 16 May: KARAOKE

Sunday 17 May: QUIZ NIGHT

Saturday 23 May: LIVE MUSIC: BRAD

Sunday 31 May: QUIZ NIGHT


It’s the New Year !

January 3, 2009

The vicars, tarts, pimps and hoes have recovered from the New Year’s eve enjoyment and the Angel is settling back into a more normal routine.

Tonight we have a second visit from the band Lickin, with the slightly different vocals that went down well last year. See and hear them online at www.myspace.com/lickintheband

On Saturday 10th we have a new flavour of entertainment in the form of Johnny Dee with musical and comic entertainment. “Cabaret” might be the right word, or maybe not. Come along and see – it’s free after all !

On the 17th guitar legend Lloyd Watson and his band return, come and see what an electric guitar can be made to do without needing effects pedals and the like.

On the 31st Dan Perrin returns with his solo guitar, singing covers and his own rather good compositions. A local talent worth hearing.

No Karaoke this month, or kareoke either, but Carly will be back in February.

Quiz nights alternate Sundays starting 11th January, come along and pay £1 per player and the winning team takes all the dosh home !

Most of the entertainment gets going around 9 pm, but come earlier if you want a seat and earlier still if you want to choose which one. No entry charge for any of the above, bring a few mates and enjoy the atmosphere and the Angel’s wide range of liquid refreshments.

Gordon is a Moron

December 3, 2008

Our Supreme leader and his sock puppet Chancellor Alistair “eyebrows” Darling are trying to stimulate the UK economy, with the sort of outcome you would expect from as dreary a pair as you could be unfortunate enough to meet.

Their big idea is to drop the VAT rate from 17.5 to 15%, potentially taking 2.1% off retail prices. However in the micromanagement fiddling style we have come to expect from the non-dynamic duo they have offset the effect of this by increasing duty on petrol and diesel by 2p/litre and duty on alcohol by 8% – which means if you are going to drive to the Angel and drink here then you will get no benefit at all from their efforts. So much for stimulating the economy – are pubs in villages exempt from help ?

Coming soon………

December 3, 2008

Hot on the heels of Guitar Hero Lloyd Watson and his band, Saturday 6th December 2008 sees local rock lads band Children of the Revolution in action at the Angel.  Prepare to be rocked to the core with a lot of music in a small space.  Pub opens 7pm, music from around 9pm ’till late.

Nick’s Birthday !

July 31, 2008

Thursday is usually a fairly quiet night at the Angel, but next Thursday August 7th will be different.  It’s Nick the landlord’s 40th birthday and his birthday bash will take place at the Angel with an as yet unnamed band providing the entertainment. Rumour has it that Bono was seen sizing up “out the back” but that may have been the excellent ale talking. Free admission to allcomers, promises to be a great night.

Earlier this week Wansford in England cricket ground saw the inaugural match of the Angel All Stars playing the Papermills Pirates. A good time was had by all and a good number of spectators turned out to enjoy the cricket, the sunshine, a bit of food and drink and the music and banter from the DJ. If a DJ at a cricket match sounds odd, when was the last time you saw a fielder diving for a catch with a fag in his mouth 🙂

Looking for a thirst-quenching drink for a hot summer’s day ? try Maguires pear cider with raspberry served over ice for only £3 at the Angel. Perfick !

What’s on in July?

July 31, 2008

Saturday 12 July – KARAOKE

Sunday 13 July – QUIZ NIGHT (9pm start £1 per player)

Saturday 19 July – HEDRAHELIX, Live Rock Music

Saturday 26 July – KARAOKE

Food at The Angel !

June 29, 2008

We have introduced a small range of hot food recently to add to our service. The hot sandwiches include two sizes of burger, 4 and 6oz, with and without cheese along with BBQ pork ribsteak and a chicken steak. These are from the “Flame Cooked” range and are served with a crisp salad garnish on a fresh bun with optional ketchup or mayonnaise. Prices are around £3. We decided against the bacon options to avoid the faff of making decent crispy bacon.

The Angel remains a drinkers pub rather than a gastro-pub but we hope the food will appeal to passers by or those who don’t want to drink on an empty stomach. There are plans to increase the range on offer depnding how the response is and how we can fit it in with staffing and other constraints. Watch this space 🙂

Thanks Darling ! – for nothing.

March 22, 2008

Our esteemed Chancellor has increased the duty on beer, wine and spirits. This has combined with brewery increases driven by higher fuel costs and the soaring costs of raw materials and precipitated a price increase round at The Angel. It was held off for as long as possible, but became inevitable with the recent Budget.

On a brighter note, upcoming events are :-

Saturday March 22nd – Karaoke

Saturday March 29th – return of Dan Perrin for a second session at the Angel.

Saturday April 12th – Hedrahelix – enjoyable rock covers band.

Beer at £2.65 per pint with free wood fired heating 🙂

What’s on

February 26, 2008

Last Saturday night the Angel saw the first visit by Dan Perrin who sang solo with (amplified) acoustic guitar and gave an excellent performance of a wide range of music including hits from REM and others. Dan is half of a band called “The Lounge” and he’ll be returning to the Angel in future and should appeal to those who like a quieter more melodic repertoire. The pub was in an upbeat mood after watching the England rugby team beat the French again !

Next Saturday we see in the new month on March 1st with our regular session with Carly’s Karaoke. Singers and audience welcome, especially if you drink.

On March 8th local heroes Children of the Revolution will rock the Angel once again, the lads cannot be described as “quiet” but if Rock is your thing come along and feel the sound. You can hear them in action on MySpace or on their older page here. They are basically excellent and where better to hear them than The Angel !

Competing philosophies ?

August 18, 2007

Pub sign philosophy

The above was a recent Angel Inn notice, perhaps inspired by Al Gore  – or is it Al Bore ? –  and his  “fly to Wembley to save the planet” concert. On the other hand, perhaps it was a response to a notice posted on the other side of the road not 100m away :-

The end is nigh ?

Answers in the comments section 🙂